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On August 3, 2012 Miley, age 5, was diagnosed with Stage IV Osteosarcoma, an extremely aggressive form of bone cancer. The disease began in her left femur, taking over the bone, and spread to her lungs. We met with a team of physicians at Kosair's Children's Hospital and put together a plan of action:


First Miley underwent surgery to remove the tumors from her lungs. Now she is in the middle of a 10 week regimen of chemotherapy. Next Miley will have another surgery in which her left leg will be removed; followed by another 10 weeks of chemo.


This little "rockstar", which her father deemed her, is in the battle of her life! Her spirit is strong and with the love and support of her sister Kenzie, her father Bert and the rest of her family and friends she IS fighting!


We are here to tell Miley's courageous story to as many people as we can.

Keep Miley and her family in your prayers and thanks again.


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